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Model: 1012683
The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Animal Fascination, which takes its inspiration from Inuit style, is sure to turn heads. On this model, the high-quality, easy-clean Birko-Flor® synthetic material boasts a shimmering and textured finish that is reminiscent of seal fur. An innovative embossing technique ensur..
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Model: 555073
The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona has been given a modern new look for kids with a taste for adventure. The high-quality, easy-clean synthetic material Birko-Flor® features subtle leather-look embossing, which lends it a highly soft, nubuck-style texture. The full-length upper, which can be individually adjus..
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Model: 555123
The absolute BIRKENSTOCK classic is now available for kids. Here; the high-quality Birko-Flor® material takes center stage. Thanks to a special finish; it is given a texture that could almost be mistaken for leather. This lightweight; sturdy and durable shoe can withstand pretty much any everyday si..
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Model: 552893
Arizona - Mocha (Kids)..
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Model: 552903
Arizona - Navy (Kids)..
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Florida Birko Flor - Kirsch / Cherry Florida Birko Flor - Kirsch / Cherry
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Model: 054741
BIRKENSTOCK has given the classic Florida model a new lease on life. Thanks to the three slender straps that can be adjusted; the sandal also offers optimum grip and can be individually adjusted to feet of all shapes. The upper is made of skin-friendly; hard-wearing Birko-Flor®. Anatomically ..
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Model: 846133
Gizeh - Mocca (kids)..
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